Books and Exhibitions



Coming of Age: Commission about how 1970’s racism was challenged through art, and youth movements (due September 2017)


Patrin – Gypsy Heritage in the East Midlands (available at Amazon)

No Tears for me my mother : Saluting black service personnel and their families in World War II (Introduction)


Images in : Coming of Age Celebrating 21 years of the Mela by Irna Qureshi (available at Amazon)

Writer for Media Diversified, The Monitoring Group, and Creative Nottingham website (

Exhibitions (selected)


Art, Activism, Race and Social Justice timeline : part of ‘The Place is Here’ , Nottingham Contemporary, 4 February – 30 March 2017


Desi Pubs : part of Alchemy Festival, Southbank centre, London 20-30 May 2016


Boundaries : 4th -7th October 2014 at the Society of Artists (Nottingham)

Textures of Archive : 18th March – 4th April 2014 at the LCB Depot (Leicester)

Feminism and Enlightenment : 25th January – 2nd February 2014 at the Society of Artists (Nottingham)


Human Creates : Human Destroys : 13th July – 3rd August 2013 at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham


Coming of Age : 29 May – 24 July 2010 at the New Art Exchange Nottingham

Coming of Age : 7 August – 7 November 2010 at the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery Bradford

Talks/ Conferences


The Art of Protest : Goldsmiths University of London 

Art, Activism, Race and Social Justice : Nottingham Contemporary


Racial Justice and Photography : Glasgow University: ESRC workshop on Austerity, Racism and Resistance


Get Up Stand Up is a collaboration between New Art Exchange and NCCL at Galleries of Justice Museum, exploring the idea of international civil rights.  As part of the seminar ‘Racial Equality and Anti-racism : How to rethink identity and belonging’, I gave a historical overview of the anti-racist movement in Britain, from the 1800’s to the present day, and some of the issues affecting image making and identity formation when you take a long historical perspective.